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I know Faith's sister and I have been concerned with several issues. Please don't think they are ignoring this case because she wasnt white. It is a HUGE red flag that so many records have been kept sealed for such a lengthy period of time. This wasnt a run-of-the-mill crime. I think it is high time the family seems to have those records unsealed.

Anonymous more than 1 year ago

??? Confuse ???


tAe more than 2 years ago


If this this comes off rude or offends anyone, I don't care. I think the Police Departments and agencies that have been working on this case are b-s-ing and honestly don't care. Some may give a damn but its sad that they haven't got any further with this case. Faith was a special, and well known young woman. She was like a sister to me, and she didn't deserve to die that way. It was cruel, and whomever committed this act should get the same as they dealt. Im not a racist person by no means, but I guarantee if she was a White girl whose family had plenty money they would've shut Chapel Hill down by now and sentenced the murderer. Im a Marine thats fighting in Afghanistan rite now. Im risking my life as well as my fellow troops to protect our country, our families, and future. If the military can track and kill Bin Laden, this damn coward, can be found and dealt with to the max as he/she should be.

Patrick Richardson more than 2 years ago

Faith is my second cousin

Our whole family wants answers like yesterday! No parent should have to bury their child. I don't really understand why they are being so tight lip about it. They won't even tell her parents certain info. I want to believe that they are doing there job but, I bet if it were one of their own, it would be solved in less than a month. To whoever took my cousin away, I hope you die a SLOW death. I also hope she is in your dreams every night! You will be caught, and when you do, be thankful it's by the police and not her family. RIP Faith! MUAH. We LOVE YOU!!!!

Blaire Anderson more than 2 years ago

What's the problem ?

Enough is enough. You have DNA ....we want justice for Faith NOW. We are still hearing about the Carson girl but you don't mention Faith. When Faith was murdered you could not even do the news story about Faith without mentioning the Carson girl....really? Stop playing around and get this person. Enough is enough...

Cassandra Jackson more than 2 years ago

Just a name

I'm in complete agreement with your frustration -- I don't know if CHPD actually has a suspect or not, and as a lifelong Chapel Hillian (and UNC alum) it scares me to death to think that they don't. I also agree that stories about Faith don't require any comment about Eve Carson's death, which was 5 years ago and has been solved.

That said, "the Carson girl" was Eve Carson. There are a lot of us who knew her and are still looking for peace and answers years after her case was closed. If references to Eve's murder in Faith's stories serve any purpose, it should be the reminder that these beautiful young women always deserve to be remembered with the respect they so deserved yet were denied in their deaths. I know that Faith needs that respect to be stronger than ever right now, and I'd want nothing less for any victim in this town.

Though I never knew Faith, I know how much it hurts to think someone so wonderful in your life, lost so horribly, could be forgotten even in the tiniest of ways. I'll always remember to call Ms. Hedgepeth "Faith" -- a name that epitomizes what we all need so much right now and is so hard to find -- and I hope everyone remembers my friend as Eve -- a name meaning "to live" and "to breathe."

No one wins when we lose someone like Faith or Eve, especially in the ways we've lost them. All we can do, as a community, is hold together and do everything we can to find who took our friends and loved ones.

Sarah more than 2 years ago


i don't know if it is true but it appears that the case is dying down. we all have seen where other girls have been murdered in chapel hill {where the crime rate is low lol what a joke} the other cases stayed in the news. i know every case is different but really.

michelle wilson more than 2 years ago

where is the justice

I understand that ever case has things that the general public need not know about, but what about family. I am starting to think that this case is not being felt with due to the fact she's not white. Look at the facts: crime happens to a young white girl the police would be all over it and a arrest would have already been made. Think about this Boston's booming in a matter orbs week both guy are taken down. School shooting killer dead and motives have been some what found out. Native American young lady killed and no word on anything. No word. Where is the justice.

Gus more than 2 years ago

My Comment

Throughout this whole article still no answers to the unanswered questions that my family has. No mention of leads, no suspects, has anyone even been questioned? Tragedies that have occurred that threaten homeland security and more info was given to the families and public than this. No murder or homicide is more important than another but come on and then the Chief had the nerve to say that Chapel Hill has a very low crime rate. What does that have to do with my cousin being murdered? Stick with the facts and don't try and BS your way out of what you don't know. At least provide comfort and factual statements about the case and not Chapel Hill or your own personal experiences. Friends, relatives, and loved ones read these articles too and depend on this information and when I see something like this this is the thoughts that I have about it. Justice for Faith. All day everyday. Report that.

Justin Hedgepeth more than 2 years ago

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