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Andrea, thank you for your articles and pictures throughout the trip. Your words were so moving!! We do feel so proud of the students - they are so brave this week! Thanks to all for providing the pictures, posts and tweets along the way. We have been glued to the beaming smiles!

Marsha more than 4 years ago

Beaming With Pride

Andrea, as I read your article, "A Final Word From Europe", I just beam with pride over our kids. Not only is this travel experience enlightening them to so many aspects of European culture, but it's also promoting social growth and maturity among themselves. They'll return with such a greater level of social and global consciousness to share. Thank you so much for your awesome contribution to this trip. Safe travels!

Gwen Johnson more than 4 years ago

Thank You

Thank you seems inadequate to express appreciation to everyone who has made this trip possible. Andrea, I enjoyed your blog while with our children and look forward to the article next month. THANK YOU to the EU for your continued support, and Robin who not only had the vision for this exchange but also the determination to make this experience possible and all that entails.I know Sarah is indeed 'Getting to Know Europe' and having a wonderful, unforgettable experience. And last but not least thank you to all of the chaperones, host families and host teachers for embracing our children- you are all very special.

Georgia Gamcsik more than 4 years ago


I am so glad the students are enjoying themselves. This is an experience they will never forget. Enjoy yourselves and lauren I love and miss you!

Carla McCrae more than 4 years ago

You captured it with grace - students in host families

Bonjour Andrea; families, community,
Thank you for tuning in to this blog - Andrea captured the soul of this trip - and I am so thankful - we sooo enjoyed traveling with you - you are family.
All is well with the students - the couple I have spoken with are happy but I can hear the weakness in their voices - yes it is difficult but they will feel so proud of themselves by the time they meet this Monday; They are up for the challenge and this will be an experience they will write about in their college essays: I am so proud of them!!!

Robin MCMAHON more than 4 years ago

Thank you

Thank you for your postings. It has been wonderful to enjoy their trip through your words and pictures. Have a safe journey home!

AuntJami more than 4 years ago


Thank you for this lovely post, Andrea!

Laura more than 4 years ago


Very nice, Andrea. Enjoy your weekend!

Matt more than 4 years ago

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