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Wonderful article, thanks so much for sharing! As a working woman, I truly appreciate the one oven, whole meal concept.

Veggie Mama-you brought up some great suggestions for vegetarian protein options. As you must know being a vegetarian, it's important to be well informed regarding complete protein sources. We all have various food preferences/needs-whether vegetarian, vegan, not eating red meat, gluten free, lactose intolerant, etc.-and can adapt recipes to our liking and what our body needs! That's what cooking is all about-working off an idea/recipe/concept. Each recipe written by every chef will not satisfy every person's needs, nor can it. I'm sure many different recipes will be posted here-some that may suit your fancy and your needs and some that may be better for others!

Omnivore more than 3 years ago

Adding Protein for Vegetarians

Hi Veggie Mama,

Its so funny that I read this as I am sitting eating a big bowl of sauteed and roasted veggies (no protein or carbs) and working on recipes for my next class, which is a Healthy Vegetarian class at A Southern Season next month.

To add some protein to the meal, and still use three trays in one oven, I should have mentioned baking some tofu or seitan alongside the vegetables on the middle tray. In fact, I just demonstrated my favorite baked tofu in a Healthy Asian class this past weekend while making a tofu pad-thai.

Here is how I would amend the recipe:

1 package of extra firm tofu (marinated would be great!)

Slice the tofu lengthwise (the sharp edge of your knife should be parallel with the cutting board) into ½ inch thick slices. Dry with paper towels to remove any excess water. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and bake alongside the vegetables for 30 minutes, flipping once halfway through while stirring the vegetables.

Another option would be to eat 1 cup of nonfat greek yogurt, topped with chopped nuts, and honey for dessert! This is another way to get protein and healthy fats while also ending the meal with a healthy dessert.

Thanks for the feedback and I will be sure to try post recipes which are equally appealing to both meat and non-meat eaters!

Breana Lai more than 3 years ago

Vegetarians need protein, too!

In order for "both meat eaters and vegetarians at the table to enjoy" this dish, the vegetarians will have to accept that their host/chef has provided them with no source of protein. For meat eaters, this meal is built around chicken. For vegetarians, it is not built around anything -- it will be a plate of vegetables. Hardly a balanced meal coming from a dietitian.

Please don't claim that vegetarians would "enjoy" this meal without offering a protein to go with those vegetables. There's no shortage of options -- quinoa, tofu, seitan, etc. -- with which you can demonstrate your culinary versatility, so why has one been left out?

I hope that future recipes on this blog do a better job putting vegetarians' tastes and nutritional needs on equal footing with those of meat eaters.

Veggie Mama more than 3 years ago

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