Expert: Hedgepeth Case Extremely Tough to Crack



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victim blaming comment!

“I don’t think this is particularly unusual, given there were no witnesses and no evidence to link her to an estranged boyfriend,” Zahn says. “If she didn’t come home with a semi-known person that she picked up at the bar, this one could take a long time to solve.”

This statement is problematic wince it suggests that the girl would have been better off having been attacked by a known acquaintance that she picked up in a bar. Obviously the DNA is suggested to be sperm from that comment and that there is no obvious indication of a rape from the better off that she had "picked-up" on an acquaintance. Point is that she was murdered and you have redirected that to victim blaming. That is wrong and you should be educated if you think your statement isn't offensive on many levels.
You know nothing because your own thinking prevents you from making a true effort in finding who did this to her. So what if there was semen at the scene--SHE WAS MURDERED!

seri more than 2 years ago


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