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article on 1972 Chapel Hill high school reunion

Correction to this article: The article cites an all black "Glenwood Junior High School" as well as Lincoln High School. I grew up in Chapel Hill and there never was a Glenwood Junior High School. Glenwood has always been, and is now, an elementary school. Glenwood was opened in 1957 and it was named Glenwood because of the area where it is located, Glen Lennox.

Chapel Hill Elementary School was located on Franklin Street in 1957 and the building it inhabited became Chapel Hill Junior High School in 1959. It was located to the left of the Chapel Hill (Senior) High School on Franklin Street.

Joanne Perry

Joanne Perry more than 3 years ago

Down on the Pharm

I didn't see a Comment or To the Editor link on the site, but did want to mention that the CVS protest coverage was missing a major piece of information - exactly what it was they were protesting. I get keeping it brief, but the biggest part of "news" on this was absent from the article.

Chris Thompson more than 3 years ago

CVS Protest

I happened to be walking by on the evening that 'anarchists' invaded the site of the proposed CVS. I also happened to witness the pizza incident when the CPD intercepted the Dominoes delivery man. The scene that accompanied the event could not have been more ludicrous. The chant went up: 'Whose Pizza?', 'Our Pizza!', 'Whose Pizza?', 'Our Pizza!' A more absurd spectacle could not be imagined.

But one has to wonder, what sort of anarchists do we have here in Carrboro? Is it not remotely ironic that on the one hand they protest against the corporatism they see represented in CVS, yet on the other hand have no qualms about ordering a pizza from Dominoes Pizza? For is not Dominoes just similar corporate animal with different stripes?

And I must add that there is little point in hiding your identity with a black mask if you also give your name to the news!

Ah, life's rich tapestry never cease to amaze...Let the circus continue!

Bruce McLaren more than 3 years ago


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