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Carolina Basketball

I have been a Carolina fan since watching Phil Ford and the four corners.
Dean Smith was the epitomy of a coach. Then I was at Carmichal and saw Michael Jordan play his first exhibition game. I was hooked. To this day, he takes my breath away. I knew Joel Fleishman who was the team manager for the 1957 team, but he died before seeing this dream come to fruition. His wife Linda and sons have kept me in the loop of this project. I am following the progress and wish you all the best in bringing their story back to life.

Brenda Henley more than 2 years ago

The Perfect Season

Read Adam Lucas's book "The Perfect Season." Lots of opportunities for drama (almost lost to Maryland, two double-OT games in the final four) but I hope they don't make it too sappy.

GGPR more than 2 years ago

'57 Heels

No way to forget those 2 nights in K City. Both 3 overtimes. Typical of a season where we could have easily lost 7 games, all three with Wake. Magical season and magical team. Off all the great players that have played at Carolina since then I cannot name one that hit clutch shots as did Lennie Rosenbluth in close games. When you got the ball into his hands he was money in the bank. Sometimes almost unbelievable.

George Johnson more than 2 years ago

the North Carolina 1957 basketball team

I would urge readers to read ""A Team That Was Blessed" by Frank Deford. It is a terrific read and only 18 pages and originally appeared in Sports Illustrated.

I read it every few years or so.

Sam Gillespie more than 2 years ago