April 23, 2013

April 23, 2013

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Congrats to our giveaway winners!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered! After a random selection, here are our winners:

Friday night:
1. Megan Fazekas-King
2. Layna Mosley

Saturday night:
1. Matthew Franke
2. Zoe Angelina

Congratulations!! I will email the winners shortly with information about the tickets. Please look out for another giveaway soon! (Hint: Check our blog sometime tomorrow morning...)

Enjoy the show!

Kelsie Allen 364 days ago


Friday night, please!

Megan Fazekas-King 364 days ago

Martha Graham tix

Thanks for helping a few more people experience the wonderful Rite at 100 series. To see Martha Graham on Friday night would be wonderful. Many thanks!

Emily Bowles 364 days ago


I could go either night -- thanks!

Layna Mosley 364 days ago

Dance Fan

My daughter would love me to take her to this on Saturday, we're both big dane fans!

LeeAnn Prescott 364 days ago

Martha Graham tickets

I would love to go! Saturday would be better but either night would work. thanks!!

Britt Foxworth 364 days ago

Appalachian Spring/Rite tickets!

My wife and I would love to go on Saturday night--especially as we had tickets for the Rite earlier this semester but had to give them away because of a family emergency! Please pick us! (and thanks for the opportunity!)

Matthew Franke 364 days ago


I would love to take my wife to this to celebrate Spring. Friday night would be great.

Phil Dzieduszko 364 days ago

Win please!

I would love to win Saturday night tickets!

Rachel Wertheimer 364 days ago

Martha Graham's The Rite of Spring

I would love to take my mom to this! We could go either Friday or Saturday, but if I had to choose one I would choose Saturday. Thank you!

Zoe Angelina 365 days ago


I would love the tickets. Either night is fine. Please pick me.

Wendy Whitener 365 days ago

Martha Graham tickets

Friday night would be great!

Evan 365 days ago

ticket giveaway

Pick me!

Lora Klein 365 days ago

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