Mellow Mushroom Returns to Chapel Hill



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Purely Editorial

Hi Terry,

Thank you for your question. This blog post does not accompany any paid advertising for Mellow Mushroom in our publications. We simply learned that the restaurant was opening and wanted to provide our readers with the news. Our editorial team always strives to maintain a clear separation between reporting and advertising. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to send me an email at

Sincerely yours,
Kelsie Allen
Assistant Editor

Kelsie Allen more than 2 years ago

Why so curious?

I would ask...Why so curious about this 'review'? (even though it seems more of a 'report' really, since the restaurant has yet to officially open). Obviously there must be a sinister reason ('Paid ad?') for local media to provide a description of a new restaurant in town. I mean, what other possible reason could there be? So, thank you for bringing the folly of their action to the public's attention with such cynical insight. Our hero!

Robert more than 2 years ago

Paid ad?

Do "reviews" like this accompany any paid advertising for Mellow Mushroom in Chapel Hill Magazine or the "Weekly"? Just curious....

Terry MAGUIRE more than 2 years ago


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