Moeser Defends The Carolina Way

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'Carolina way is wrong

UNC is now known as THE MOST corrupt public university in Amerikkka.

BitterEXdemocrackkk more than 2 years ago

Iraqi Press Minister

This guy is as delusional as the Iraqi press minister.
From here, the Carolina way is to seek out the top athletes from all across the country and assure their eligibility through bogus classes. Also, if a fan is not suitable enough, ol roy has him tossed.
unc should admit their stumbles, accept their repercussions and move on. Other schools have.

J-No more than 2 years ago

Carolina way

51 fake classes setup for athletes where all they had to do was turn in one paper at the end of the semester that was actually written by the "Carolina Girls" (girls who actually do schoolwork for athletes). They forced the professor to do this and then blamed it all on him when it became public so that the university could not be punished. That is the Carolina way and a joke

Laz more than 2 years ago

Only one media outlet has paid attention

A North Carolina newspaper is the only outlet paying attention to this scandal, as the internal investigation farce was enough for the NCAA, ESPN, and others. It's a travesty for college academics that this mockery has been allowed. A few scapegoats offered up, claims of a far smaller time period, and laying the blame entirely at the feet of the football program is a joke, and everyone defending the behavior should be ashamed of themselves.

Carolina Way? Is that the road the university and NCAA drive on as they pass by this train wreck of a coverup?

Biff more than 2 years ago

What way?

An inarticulate defense of the indefensible.

Scooter Libby more than 2 years ago

The Carolina Way

Aspiring to "The Carolina Way" serves our university well. When we fall short, we are not served well by denying or covering up exactly how and how much... nor by blaming others for asking.

John Powell more than 2 years ago

Carolina Way


Geena Jordan more than 2 years ago

Real Goal

The "media" exposed decades long academic fraud that kept athletes eligible to play sports at UNC. That is the real tragedy.

Bill J. Griffith more than 2 years ago

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