Mosaic Artist Mary Kramer to Show in International Exhibition



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you are the best there girl ! i remember when you first showed me the piece in the trunk of your car at the train station in pearl river n y lo thoughs many years ago . this is a much better gig ! miss talkin to ya, yours, billy d...............

billy dent more than 2 years ago

Mosaic artist mary kramer

Beautiful work reminiscent of Tiffany's mosaics at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Tricia weber more than 3 years ago


OMGosh! Mary, I can't believe it is you! You are just beautiful as ever! Crazy how I just talked about you today. I was speaking of how artistic Candice is and you and your amazing and beautiful mosaic's! Congratulations on your selection! Your work is worth being in any museum and gallery!

Bridget more than 3 years ago

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