UNC Health Care Volunteers Mark 60 Years



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My Summers as a Candy Striper

It was the most rewarding job I could have ever had, I learned so much from everybody, and it was just a really great experience. My mom worked in the nursing field, and I would always see the young ladies in the canystriped smocks, and couldn't wait until I was old enough to volunteer! It was work, but exciting job to have! Thanks for this history about Volunteers! Have a Blessed day! I began volunteering in 1979 and lasted two summers.

Salena Council more than 3 years ago

2010 - The Priscilla D. Bevin Junior Scholarship

I am proud to see The Priscilla D Bevin Junior Scholarship mentioned in the Web Extra section. My late wife, Priscilla died in 2009 after a long association with the UNC Volunteer Association. She had been President of the Volunteers three times and was involved with the Junior Scholarship Program for years. I funded the Scholarship for three years beginning in 2010, and at this year's Award event, the Scholarship will be funded for the next three years. Thank you for this entry in the Web Extra...
Sincerely, A. G. "Biff" Bevin, MD in Chapel Hill.....

A. G. "Biff" Bevin, MD more than 3 years ago

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