Matchar, Emily Emily Matchar is a freelance travel, food and adventure writer and a Chapel Hill native. en-us Shannon Media Inc. Wed, 21 Aug 2013 11:29:00 GMT Down on the Farm As expressed in our September/October feature "The Longtimers," we Chapel Hillians are thankful that some things – like The Farm House and its Bac-Os – never change.

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A Little Resolve Instead of making a list of what not to indulge in this year, why not vow to get a better taste of our area?

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Morning Glory ’Tis the season for casual weekend brunches filled with lemon ricotta pancakes, hot doughnuts and fresh OJ.

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10 Food Experiences You Can't Miss Food and travel writer Emily Matchar dishes on the Chapel Hill eateries that are musts for any foodie’s bucket list.

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Passages to India You’d have to be divānī to fly to Mumbai or even drive to Durham to get your curry fix.

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