The Weekly

Jacalyn White with twins Charlie and Brantley, 7.

Matt Dees

Fun in the Sun

With henna, tae kwon do and more, Summerfest drew crowds from all over the Triangle. more »

Jun 26, 2014 11:14 AM CHM Blog

Null and Void?

Is Mark Chilton employing an old secessionist gimmick? more »

May 29, 2014 3:38 PM CHM Blog

Hometown History: 'Ha'nted' House

Who's Afraid of Horace Williams' Ghost? more »

Apr 10, 2014 1:01 PM CHM Blog

Opinion: Cover Stories

"So I got to thinking, as a producer of local content, why not create periodicals about some of Chapel Hill’s own local heroes?" more »

Mar 21, 2014 11:46 AM CHM Blog 2 Comments

The Stage Is Set

Chapel Hill actor Alexa Yeames lands a potentially break-out role. more »

Mar 21, 2014 11:34 AM CHM Blog

Student of the Week: Asher Lucas

Rashkis third-grader is steeped in the Carolina Way. more »

Mar 21, 2014 11:13 AM CHM Blog 1 Comments

The inviting sign points to Straw Valley's entryway.

Emily Storrow

'Food and Beverage Playground'

A chef and master sommelier create a unique dining experience at the New Hope Commons cafe and restaurant. more »

Mar 21, 2014 11:01 AM CHM Blog

Life on 'Mars'

Local author Sarah Dessen gets the star treatment. more »

Mar 20, 2014 9:21 AM CHM Blog

Cianciolo Got Business Backing

Obey Creek developers and others contributed to councilman's campaign. more »

Mar 17, 2014 10:05 AM CHM Blog 3 Comments

Opinion: The Function of Form-Based

"If form-based code turned out to be a mistake, the town could not revoke it without facing lawsuits from developers. ... Council members recognized they’d better get it right the first time." more »

Mar 14, 2014 11:02 AM CHM Blog

Facts of Life: March 13, 2014

Births, deaths, marriages, real estate transfers and police report for the week of March 13, 2014. more »

Mar 13, 2014 4:23 PM CHM Blog

Fresh Take

Il Palio's new executive chef lets great ingredients shine. more »

Mar 13, 2014 12:05 PM CHM Blog

Joyous Cooking: She Had The Lobster

A near-traumatic experience, and the search for the perfect lobster risotto recipe. more »

Mar 7, 2014 1:46 PM CHM Blog

Courtesy of UNC Athletic Communications

Hometown History: ‘Unbelievable!’

The 40th anniversary of an all-time classic. more »

Mar 7, 2014 1:04 PM CHM Blog

Facts of Life: March 6, 2014

Births, deaths, marriages, real estate transfers and police report for the week of March 6, 2014. more »

Mar 7, 2014 9:28 AM CHM Blog

Opinion: A Mile In Their Shoes

Are we becoming a community that doesn’t repair our shoes? When the heels wear down, do we throw them out and buy a new pair, at a store in Durham? more »

Mar 6, 2014 4:18 PM CHM Blog

The WEEKLY Matt-inee: Oscar Recap

The following is excerpted from the screenplay adaptation of "That Time I Did a Thing: One Critic’s Journey Into the Heart of Correctly Predicting Eight Oscar Categories." more »

Mar 6, 2014 10:46 AM CHM Blog

Facts of Life: Feb. 27, 2014

Births, deaths, marriages, real estate transfers and police report for the week of Feb. 27, 2014. more »

Feb 28, 2014 9:17 AM CHM Blog

Joyous Cooking: Fruit Scoop

Moreton has two recipes to satisfy your winter fruit cravings. more »

Feb 28, 2014 9:04 AM CHM Blog

Student of the Week: Benjamin Austin

Smith eighth-grader 'always gives 100%.' more »

Feb 21, 2014 10:14 AM CHM Blog