Tar Heels Born, Bred and Wed

Kaylie McCraw and RC Orlan met their freshman year as undergrads at UNC.

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Rain or Shine

Though Kathryn Pegg, an East Chapel Hill High alumna, and David Nussman were friends throughout college at N.C. State, they didn’t start dating until senior year. more »

Sep 10, 2014 2:08 PM Weddings

'The Best Day Ever'

It started with a ring. Mike Anna met Morgan McManus at the University of Georgia; after graduation he moved to New York City while she headed to Atlanta, but the two stayed in touch. more »

Sep 10, 2014 2:43 PM Weddings

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Cochran & Potter

Potter and Melissa s Engagement-0386.jpg

Photography by Krista Joy

Melissa Cochran wrote her number in Jonathan Potter’s middle school yearbook, but he didn’t call her until after college. During that decade in between, the two ran into each other during holiday breaks and get-togethers with mutual friends. Yet it wasn’t until the fall after their graduation from college in 2010 that their friendship blossomed into more. Shortly after Christmas 2013, Melissa had a feeling that a proposal was coming. After two false alarms, Potter (who goes by his last name) took her to the UNC campus early one morning. With their walk winding down, Melissa thought that it was another false alarm, but on their way back to the car, Potter proposed. The couple will marry at The Carriage House on June 13. Local members of the wedding party include Michelle Carlo, Danielle Dipiazza, Laura Kim, Melissa Biediger, Annie Brooks and the bride’s brother Jon Cochran. The couple plans to reside in Carrboro. Potter coaches men’s soccer at Elon University and Melissa is in the School of Social Work master’s program at UNC.