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9 Chapel Hill Instagram Accounts To Follow

Follow them for food, sports and a glimpse into life around town.

Photo by Kyle Yamakawa
Photo by Kyle Yamakawa

“The pig on the roof just got a makeover paint job. Oh, how she shines! #PutAPigOnIt #PinkPig #OhNoSheDidnt #OhYesWeDid #CrooksCorner”

–Crook’s Corner, @crookscornercafe

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“Pick up this month’s @chapelhillmag to see all of the #TOPO love you guys gave us – and we love you right back! #brewery #cocktails #lunch #HEELS”

–The Top of the Hill, @thetopofthehill

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“Caught this special, yet ordinary moment Sunday @lovechapelhill. DeMonte is one of our friends from the street. Labeled as homeless, yet finding a home in his church family. He’s one of the first to show up to serve every single week…”

–Matt LeRoy, @mattleroy

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“Welcome home, yall. #southernpartofheaven #harkthesound #TARgram #UNCWOW15”

–Kirsten Smith, @kcs_tarheel

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“Crossing Jordan Lake. #boating #sailing #swimming #beaches”

–Pittsboro Roadhouse, @pittsborordhse

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“We <3 #brinkleyfarms and we <3 Saturday mornings at the @carrborofarmersmarket #eatlocal”

–Acme Food and Beverage Co., @acmecarrboro

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“In case you need a morning pick-me-up. It’s a bright, beautiful Friday and a great day to be a Tar Heel! #TARgram #GDTBATH”

–UNC-Chapel Hill, @uncchapelhill

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“Beautiful sunset at the @tarheelfootball game! #Unc #tarheels”

–Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership, @chdpartnership

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“Wherever beer is drunk, life is good.” Cheers and happy first day of fall! #nccraftbeer”

–Mystery Brewing Company, @mysterybrewing

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