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Our Latest Obsessions: Authors, Acme & Artichoke Risotto


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Art director Sarah Arnesen went to the opening of Tandem at Carr Mill Mall in Carrboro. Owners Younes Sabouh and Emma Dunbar thanked friends, family and everyone involved as they toasted to their new opening.

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Kitchen has a new item on its lunch menu. We highly recommend the saffron, shrimp and artichoke risotto.

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Hundreds flocked to Hillsborough children’s author John Claude Bemis’s book launch at the farmer’s market. He was introduced by the mayor and read an excerpt while young actors acted out the scene. The Bucket Brothers played some tunes, and Bemis signed books afterwards.

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Before there was heartbreak, there was hope. We spy Sally Stollmack of SallyMack and Al Bowers of Al’s Burger Shack in this photo from national championship game night, which IP3 tweeted out.

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Assistant Editor Jessica Stringer tried Mint this week. (We hear their bottomless mimosa brunch is excellent too!)

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The UNC Men’s Soccer team and the Women’s team went head to head this week for a game of futsal (a modified form of soccer played with five players per side on a smaller, typically indoor, field).

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Acme is taking their Salt & Smoke Festival on the road. But before Birmingham or Baton Rouge, they headed to Ponysaurus Brewing in Durham. Here, Jake Coles tends to the ‘cue.

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If you skip ordering Acme‘s cornbread, this is what you’re missing.

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