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Why Kitchen Is a Chapel Hill Must

In a short span of time, Kitchen has become a staple in our community.


unnamed-2After a long day of clients for me and running around to various jobs for Alex, I jumped at my husband’s offer to go to Kitchen for dinner this past Saturday night. Not only does the restaurant hold a special place in my heart, as it was where we had our first date, but is a place where I always enjoy the food and atmosphere. We recently had a couple of disappointing meals out, so I was in the mood for a sure bet and Kitchen did not disappoint.

Although the bistro has only been in town for six years, it feels like such a community staple. I love how Sue Barrows, one of the owners, greets each guest, how we always see someone we know and when Dick Barrows steps out of the back to say hello. The ambiance is cozy and reminds me of our best meals in Italy as the tables are close but no one minds.

Now for the best part – the food. As soon as our lovely waitress shared the soft shell crab special (pictured) with us, I looked over at Alex and we both knew it was something we had to try. Tis the season, plus it came with the very seasonal ramp risotto cake. The crab was piping hot, fresh from the fryer, and just delicious with the accompaniments. We shared a fresh chopped salad before diving into our entrées – Alex with a tasty shrimp risotto that he had me immediately try, and the Thai mussels for me. Apparently we were not the only diners who seriously considered drinking the broth. It was just that good. To finish, we shared a slice of the bourbon pecan tart, which came highly recommended by our waitress and delivered by Dick himself. Just sweet enough, with a satisfying bourbon bite and dollop of fresh whipped cream, I could not have asked for a better ending to a meal.

I am grateful that the Barrows fell in love with Chapel Hill, made it their home, and continue to serve fellow Northern transplants wonderful food and service.

Kate Sayre is a Registered Dietitian who counsels clients through her private practice and works in the Department of Nutrition at UNC. On the 1st and 15th of every month, she guest blogs here.