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How to Beat the Line at Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen

This local standby for breakfast goodness was voted "Best Place to Indulge" by our readers.


We asked longtime Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen manager Randy Owen about everyone’s favorite drive-thru.

Sunrise Biscuit
Photo by Briana Brough

Shift start time: 5 a.m.

Number of people working at any one time: 6 to 9.

Size of the space: Under 700 square feet.

Some of the most notable people to pull up to the drive-thru: Michael Jordan, Dean Smith and some of the UNC basketball players. Julius Peppers would come by a few times a week.

The most unusual order… Was a bacon, egg and slaw biscuit.

On a busy day, we’ll serve… Around 3,000 biscuits.

The trick to avoiding the line… Park and come inside.

One notable morning… They came to film the movie “Bad Grandpa” with Johnny Knoxville. The producers asked me to keep it a secret because they thought I would spill. (I probably would have given it away.) Johnny Knoxville came through the line being pushed in a cart. It tipped over and my boys went out to help. They had people inside wearing hidden cameras and vans outside with hidden cameras. He was really nice afterward. We named the Bad Grandpa biscuit after the movie.

The line is longest on… Sunday mornings and football gamedays.

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