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A Rekindled Romance Leads To A Proposal By the Haw River

After meeting through marching band at Chapel Hill High, Carly Yusiewicz and Greg Sronce reconnected on Franklin Street and a Chapel Hill courtship ensued


Chapel Hill natives Carly Yusiewicz and Greg Sronce met through mutual marching band friends at Chapel Hill High School. They also went to prom together their junior year – only with different dates! When Carly was a senior at UNC and Greg had graduated from Appalachian State, the couple reconnected. After a chance encounter on Franklin Street, the two began talking and discussed Greg’s recent trip to Africa. The couple went out on a series of dates to local spots like Carrburritos and Open Eye Cafe and became close friends. Soon after, Carly was accepted into the UNC School of Nursing, and Greg became her loyal study partner.

One September morning in 2015, Carly and Greg went on a date to the Haw River to go hiking and swimming. Greg proposed to Carly – thankfully, he did not drop the ring in the river – and she was ecstatic to say yes.

On their wedding day on September 4, 2016, the couple was doing their “first look” at the Chapel Hill Carriage House when they noticed some family friends arriving, champagne in hand. Once they had finished their photo shoot, their friends offered them each a glass and proposed a toast. This impromptu meeting created beautiful pictures, as well as memories, during their day surrounded by loved ones including their parents, Kathy and Jeff Yusiewicz and Kathy and Garry Sronce.

Carly works as a nurse at UNC Health Care, while Greg works at Big Spoon Roasters. The couple resides in Durham.

By Hannah Grossman
Photography by Ana Teresa Galizes