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A New Book from Chapel Hill’s Youngest Author Hopes to Inspire Courage


Emma Linberg is a rising star at just 6 years old. Earlier this year, she took to the writing scene and published her very own children’s book called “Emma’s Book of Courage” through Wisdom House Books. This inspirational tale is all about encouraging other children to be confident and courageous, and it’s full of tidbits advising everyone to apologize to their friends and try new things – all acts of courage.

Emma didn’t think she would become an author, but that all changed after a special day of school. Her class went on a field trip where they had to go rock climbing, but Emma was afraid to do it. Once she finally accomplished this major feat, she said she knew what courage was and wanted to spread the word.

Despite this newfound enlightenment, there is still one thing she’s scared to do: climbing a tree. “The branches that I’m climbing onto – they might break. And if I’m at a high distance, I’ll fall,” she says. But, learning how to safely climb a tree is one of her goals.

While you’re off trying new things and being courageous, keep an eye out because this budding author is planning a series, and “Emma’s Book of Health” might be next. Until then, she has two words of advice for anyone considering to write their own book: “Try everything.”

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