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Venture Into the Magical Wonderland of Joshua Lozoff

We catch up with Joshua Lozoff, Fresh off his August appearance on “Fool Us"


This self-proclaimed “token kid in Chapel Hill High productions” moved to Los Angeles after high school where he had a recurring role on “Cheers” among other credits. A career shift led Joshua to work as an EMT and it was between those slow times that he would practice magic, getting his first steady gig at Mellow Mushroom. “That was where I got good and where people started asking for me for their parties and local things,” Joshua says. Now he travels around the country performing a keynote speech called “The Magic of Communication.”

Tell us about being on “Penn & Teller: Fool Us.”

The piece went really well and I had a good time. Penn and Teller were very complimentary. I did the animal box piece and I had to adapt it because I had to do it in 4 minutes, instead of over 25 minutes. In my live show, I have 25 minutes to try to influence somebody [to name a particular animal that I’ve written on a piece of paper in a sealed envelope]. In the show, it was a stand-alone piece.

Does your son like magic?

No, he’s 3 … everything is magical to him. But I’d love for him to love it. My guess is [he’s going to have opportunities] to perform between my wife and I. We adopted him and he’s totally changed our lives.

Have you taken him to any of your old haunts?

He’s now at the age where we’re starting to think about schools. I went to Carolina Friends School so we’re starting to think, “Is he going to go to my school?” The years I was in L.A. I did not pine away for North Carolina, but now that I’m back I cannot imagine not raising a kid here. I’m grateful that [because of] what I do for a living I can live anywhere and still travel, because I cannot imagine not living here.

Jessica is the Executive Editor for Chapel Hill Magazine. As a 2010 grad of UNC, she's happy to be back in town writing, editing and eating around the Triangle.