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ACT/SAT Summer Step-Ahead

5505 Fortunes Ridge Drive, Durham, NC 27713, USA
Get a step ahead in college admissions testing by preparing for the tests before the school year schedule gets crazy!

This course provides dynamic, data-driven instruction in reading, English, math (with and without calculator) & writing. Students learn academic skills necessary for higher scores and greater academic success. This technology-infused course provides students real-time assessment on their practice & includes a focus on how students can use ACT/SAT scores to earn scholarship. ​

Join us and see where the path of college preparation can take you. Tuition includes workbook.  For more information, visit www.aplushigherscores.com, email aplus@aplushigherscores.com

Grades 11-12
ACT: July 9-12; SAT: Aug. 20-23