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    19th Annual Community Dinner

    Apr 10, 2016 @ 1:00 pm
    McDougle School
    900 Old Fayetteville Rd
    Garland, NC 28441
    $8.00 for adults; $3.00 for children aged 10 and under
    Kathie Reeves

    In its 19th year, the annual Community Dinner is a unique cultural (and culinary!) celebration of Orange County and its diverse population. All are encouraged to attend and enjoy an eclectic array of food and entertainment from the community. This year’s entertainment will include the First Baptist Church Choir, the Bouncing Bulldogs, the Paper Hand Puppet Intervention, Kidz Notes – and more.

    Caroline is a third-generation Tarheel majoring in broadcast journalism and American history. Born in Alabama and bred in Arizona, she has maintained a steady affinity for both coasts. She has lopsided ears, a borderline religious reverence for Mr. Walker Percy and an unshakeable trust in the healing properties of Wild Turkey Bourbon. Caroline is a shameless daddy's girl who listens to an unreasonable amount of Simon & Garfunkel. In May, she will be walking the plank — graduating, that is. In the meantime, you can find her skipping down Franklin Street or devouring a Mookie at Al's Burger Shack.