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    Camp Kesem UNC’s Make the Magic

    Apr 20, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
    Barn of Chapel Hill
    7316 Morrow Mill Rd
    Chapel Hill, NC 27516
    Victoria Molyneaux

    Our Cause:
    Every year, five million children are affected by a parent’s cancer, and studies have shown a strong support system is essential to maintaining their sound mental health. At Camp Kesem, we provide children with this vital network of love and support year-round through a week-long summer camp and reunion events during the school year. Many children maintain the network on their own as well, as camp is often the first place they get to befriend other children their age whose parents have also been affected by cancer.

    At UNC’s branch, we are are student-led and student-run, and we also take pride in self-funding, meaning a week at camp is always free for every camper’s family. This is very important to us since Kesem families already have huge financial burdens from medical treatment and we would not want any child to miss a week of fun and year-after-year support because of financial difficulties.

    How You Can Help:
    Our largest fundraising event, Make the Magic, is a gala complete with dinner and live entertainment. Though every counselor is responsible for raising $500 individually, Make the Magic pulls in the majority of funding we need to make camp possible. Counselors, campers, and families alike will be in attendance. The event will not only be integral in supporting our capital campaign, but will be a celebration of the true magic of Kesem!