Home Dry Reef w/ Raptor Taxi + Candy Ambulance at The Cave

    Dry Reef w/ Raptor Taxi + Candy Ambulance at The Cave

    Mar 8, 2018 @ 9:00 pm
    The Cave
    452 W Franklin St
    Chapel Hill, NC 27516
    Hanna Yando

    Dry Reef with Raptor Taxi & Candy Ambulance.
    $5 cover. 9pm.

    Formed in the summer of 2014, grunge-influenced Candy Ambulance of upstate NY are Caitlin Barker, Jesse Bolduc & Jon Cantiello. Lifelong friends and musical mates, Bolduc & Cantiello rescued Barker from a wealthy engagement prospect and whisked her away to the land of DIY punk. Poppy melodies, dynamic vocal changes and half naked live shows have solidified this rock trio as always entertaining, unabashed fun.

    Boasting a healthy and frequent tour schedule the band has played with notable acts such as Screaming Females, Speedy Ortiz, Daddy Issues, and Dorothy.


    DRY REEF is a group dedicated to establishing a wave of high-energy, uplifting music. Rooted in the rock/reggae sound that put them on the map, the young group incorporates inflections of indie-surf rock and electronic post-rock forming a refreshing, organic sound you cannot ignore. These 23-year-olds are rapidly evolving from dreamers to decision-leaders in the industry.

    With the 2018 release of their “Alright Revival EP” the band portrays their rapid growth in performing, creating, and exploring their sound throughout 2017, and the excitement is felt with every song.


    Raptor Taxi prides itself on its ability to guarantee customers smooth rides throughout the space time continuum. Whether your stop is a street down, or Alpha Centauri 12 million years in the future, Raptor Taxi will get you there. Born in Raleigh, Raptor Taxi consists of self-proclaimed local bass legend Willis Tew, distinguished percussion cosmonaut Ross Brock, and a shitty-ass guitarist named Jordan Boyle. Warning: “May be responsible for leaving your face in the form of a puddle.”