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    Open2: OpenData

    Jan 14, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
    Chapel Hill Public Library
    100 Library Dr
    Chapel Hill, NC 27514

    An open door, day-long session for academics, business entrepreneurs, civic hackers, and you. Get to know the Town of Chapel Hill’s new open data portal: www.chapelhillopendata.org.

    Our town collects or creates vast amounts of data. As we see it, that’s your information. We want to make it easy to get to, and for it to be useful. That’s why we created an online portal that lets you explore information from Fire, Police, and other Town departments. You can create maps, charts and better understand how local government functions. There are many people and organizations who can benefit from the availability of open data, including government itself. This is an open invitation to all who are interested in transparency, improving government services, measuring the impact of policy, or developing new products and companies using this data. Innovation often comes from unlikely places. Join us for a how-to in using the portal, completing guided activities and challenges using it, and suggesting other data sets that the town could gather in the future.