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    Opening Reception: March Featured Artists

    Mar 10, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
    FRANK Gallery
    109 E Franklin St
    Chapel Hill, NC 27514
    FRANK Gallery

    Sasha Bakaric’s ceramic pieces are inspired by microscopic images of cells, viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms. She is intrigued by the dichotomy between the beauty in such images, and the fear they evoke. Bakaric states, “I love the idea of questioning our relationship with the world inside of us. In the same way as microorganisms are multiplying and spreading, so are my pieces.”

    Linwood Hart is a painter and mixed media artist. He is known to embed objects in his canvases, and treat them with a variety layers and textures to incorporate them fully into the work a little bit at a time, often taking months, even years, to complete. He describes his work as an ongoing journey, filled with many unexpected twists and turns.

    Art museums are Peter Filene’s muse. With a delicate eye, he takes his camera for a stroll, admiring the masterworks and awaiting a perfect, inevitable moment when the viewer becomes one with a work of art. “It may happen when a woman mimics Calder’s wire sculpture. Or when a girl in a red coat merges with Barnett Newman’s red canvas. Or when “bird” hovers over a man in a brown cap,” says Filene.