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The Middle Ages @ Chapel Hill High School
Jan 11 all-day

Come learn about the Not-so-Dark Middle ages in which one powerful woman helps spurn the most famous war of the times. Find out how Early Islam creates a new western European culture and saves the West! Find out how many of the seven Crusades were successful and what reconnected western Europe to the global economy.

Bill Melega Winter Lecture Series @ Chapel Hill High School
Jan 18 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Esteemed educator and author BILL MELEGA continues his nine part lecture series about the Middle Ages and Gunpowder Empires with an in-depth exploration of African States & Empires from 400 AD until 1400 AD.

Ansley Herring Wegner – This Day in NC History @ McIntyre's Books
Feb 10 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Matching up history with the calendar, Ansley Wegner shares with readers a day-by-day chronicle highlighting topics of importance to North Carolina history, from sensational crimes to top-selling records to homegrown businesses. This keepsake illustrated volume, fun and informative for all ages, had its genesis as a blog, issued daily for four years on the web and on broadcast outlets.
Ansley Herring Wegner, a native of Wilson, has worked in the North Carolina Office of Archives and History since 1994 and has been the administrator of the Highway Historical Marker Program since 2014. She is the author of History for All the People: One Hundred Years of Public History in North Carolina and Phantom Pain: North Carolina’s Artificial-Limbs Program for Confederate Veterans.

Piedmont Earthskills Gathering @ Shakori Hills
Apr 4 – Apr 8 all-day

Piedmont Earthskills Gathering
April 4-8, 2018 at Shakori Hills in Pittsboro, NC

The Gathering will be a 5 day and 4-night event that offers in-depth learning for individuals and families. This educational/enrichment program will be focused on Primitive Living Skills and Homesteading. Top quality instructors will teach dozens of ancestral and heritage primitive skills such as matchless fire making, edible and medicinal plants, stone tool creation and use, ancient weaponry and basket making, just to name a few.

Earthskills gatherings are events where new friendships are forged, old friendships refined, and the empowering knowledge of pioneer, survival, native and traditional primitive skills are shared. These programs give participants the opportunity to become proficient in skills that have helped them redefine life goals and directions as well as broaden their knowledge of sustainable life ways, connection to nature, and the power of community. After a full day of hands-on instruction, evening programs give us the opportunity to join in the revival of the great oral tradition of storytelling around the council fire, or the option to pull up a chair at any one of the camps where homegrown and traditional Appalachian music is played, or the opportunity to answer the call of the drum and dance around the fire under a star-filled sky.