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Carolina Meadows

100 Carolina Meadows, Chapel Hill
Entrance Fee Range
$124,700 - $549,900
Monthly Fee Range
$2,741 - $4,090
Contract Options

Fee for Service: Housing, residential services and guaranteed access to health-related services in exchange for entrance fee and monthly fee. Health-related services are provided at per-diem rates, which vary. Equity: See Refund Options for Carolina Meadows.

Refund Options

Equity; Leasehold Occupancy Right; upon departure, resident/estate receives refund based on Entry Fee calculation and if applicable additional 50% of equity in the residence; calculation is current Entry Fee minus remarketing and refurbishing fees compared to original Entry Fee then potentially sharing in appreciation of unit if new balance exceeds original payment.

Medicare Certified?
Yes, Medicare Part B
Long-term Care Insurance Required?
Not required, but welcome.
Min. Age to Obtain Residence