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1500 Sawmill Rd., Raleigh
Entrance Fee Range
Call for pricing.
Monthly Fee Range
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Contract Options

Modified: Housing, residential services and specified amount of health-related services in exchange for entrance fee and monthly fee, which includes 30 days of free health care (with a maximum balance of 90 days), then available at a discounted rate.

Refund Options

Option 1: Life Occupancy - Residence & Care refund declines at 4% a month for 25 months, then no refund. Option 2: 50% Life Equity - refund declines at 2% a month for 25 months. The remaining 50% is returned to the resident or estate after residency is terminated and within 30 days of re-occupancy of the residential unit. Option 3: 100% Life Equity - 100% of the Residence & Care fee is returned to the resident or estate after residency is terminated. The refund is available, once residency is terminated, six years after initial move-in date, or 30 days after re-occupancy of the residential unit, if six years has already passed.

Medicare Certified?
Long-term Care Insurance Required?
Not required.
Min. Age to Obtain Residence