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Our Women of Achievement issue is coming up in May/June! If you have a woman to nominate, email executive editor Jessica Stringer.

2017 Honorees

Melody Bowers

Delores Bailey         
Vivienne Benesch 
Melody Bowers 
Susan Brown 
Dr. Seema Garg 
Bonnie Hammersley 
Laura Hayes Morgan
Dr. Melina Kibbe
Gina Kim 
Stacey Lange 
Dr. Linnea Smith, Kristen Smith and Dr. Kelly Kimple 
Julia Sprunt Grumbles 
Laura Tierney 
Katharine Whalen 

2016 Honorees

Kathy Atwater

Kathy Atwater 
Catherine Duncan 
Pam Hemminger & Lydia Lavelle
Kelly Hogan 
Lisa Kang 
LaVerne Mattocks 
Mary Jane Nirdlinger 
Libby Rodenbough 
Charlotta Sjoelin  
Britta Starke 
Lucy Steiner & Lauren Lux 
Robin Whitsell 

2015 Honorees

Dina Mills Rousset

Mary Beck   
Linda Bourne and Karin Mills
Kathy Buck, Sarah Buck Casey & Emily Buck Walters   
Lynden Harris
Dr. Laura Klinger

Dana McMahan
Dina Mills Rousset
Leslie Nelson
Kelly Owensby
Kendall Page
Bev Perdue
Karen Shelton
Sara Stephens 

2014 Honorees

Allison Worthy
Emily Frantz

Lauren Bromley Hodge       
Vivian Connell
Laura Fenn
Eliza Filene
Jamie Fiocco
Lisa Fischbach
Carol Folt
Emily Frantz
Deborah Gerhardt
Sylvia Hatchell    
Flo Hawley & Portia McKnight
Dr. Hendree Jones
Susan Kitchen   
Meg McGurk
Bridget Pemberton-Smith & Wendy Smith
Vimala Rajendran
Andrea Reusing
Carol Richards
Pilar Rocha-Goldberg
Allison Worthy
Paige Zinn
The Elected Officials: Jamezetta R. Bedford, Donna Bell, Michelle Brownstein, Mia Burroughs, Bethany Chaney, Valerie P. Foushee, Jacquelyn M. Gist, Alice Gordon, Sally Greene, Randee Haven-O’Donnell, Verla Insko, Michelle Johnson, Ellie Kinnaird, Lydia Lavelle, Maria T. Palmer, Bernadette Pelissier, Renee Price Penny Rich and Annetta Stokes Streater